How and where to bet on eSports?

ESport is a growing practice around the world and will continue to grow in the years to come. But what is the place of online betting in eSports? On our website, we will explain how to bet on eSports and on which sites it is possible to do so. Finally, we will see together that our Betivore web app also goes to eSports.

What is eSport?

ESport, also called “electronic sport”, is a discipline that refers to competitive video games. Today, it brings together millions of “gamers” (video game players) around the world who compete in tournaments increasingly publicized.

If you’re a fan of League of Legends (LOL), Counter Strike (CS) or FIFA, you need to know what you’re talking about. Many eSports competitions bring crowds together in crowded stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams like Fnatic, SK telecom or ROX Tigers. For the anecdote, the final of the last League of Legends World Championship has recorded more than 43 million viewers and they were 36 million in 2015. This is to say the growing interest in this discipline. Some big professional football clubs like Valencia, Manchester City or PSG (to name a few) have even decided to set up their own eSports team.

This discipline of video games has a bright future that opens before it. And online betting in all this? Do they have their place in the electronic sport?

Sports betting and eSports

The e-sports bets have appeared quite recently and it is possible to bet money on major video games competitions. Only certain sites have decided to open up to this discipline and they are, for the most part, American (see below “The sites to bet on eSports”). ESport betting offers are expected to grow significantly in the next few years. New sites will certainly follow suit and make this new gaming option available to their players. However, in European countries, the discipline of competitive video games is still little known to the general public and it is still in its infancy. And in terms of online betting, France still has no operator licensed by the ARJEL (Regulatory Authority of Online Games). For that, it will be necessary to go to the side of England, the United States or even of Russia.

UK is more and more interested in eSports and a law favoring the organization of better supervised tournaments has just been approved. We remain optimistic for e-sports bets!

How to bet on eSport?

Betting on eSports is actually very simple and similar to sports betting. You have the choice between different events in the world of electronic sport such as the world championships, the European championships or the national championships (LOL, CSGO, Dota 2, etc.). All these esport events are associated with several types of bets (we list a few lines below). And finally, all these types of bets are associated odds. To bet on this discipline of competitive video games, it is necessary to bet money on a type of bet whose odds will determine the amount of your winnings. And to win, the selected bet must be fair, that is to say that the condition required by the bet is correct.

Traditional bets

Simple bet: as its name suggests, it’s the simplest. You only have to bet on the victory of one or the other team (see example above with Fnatic-Origen).

Combined bet: In this case, you will combine several events between them and thus multiply several odds between them. You win if and only if all the events are right. Gains associated with combined bets are often higher than for single bets. However, it is harder to win because the risk is higher.

Live betting: in the same way as for the sport, it is possible to bet live for the electronic sport. You can bet during matches. Odds change and change throughout the course of the match.

For example, during a CSGO match between FaZe Clan and G2 Esports, the FaZe Clan team rating wins the match at @ 2.20 at the start of the match. Then, if FaZe Clan wins 1st point, the odds can change from @ 2.20 to @ 2.00. And conversely, if G2 Esports wins the first point, the FaZe Clan rating wins the match can go up to @ 2.40 …

“Special” bets:

  • Paris on the number of “kills” made by a particular player (LOL, CSGO, etc.).
  • Paris on the number of defusing bombs (CSGO).
  • Paris on the number of “full team” (win a round without any member of his team being killed) made by a team (CSGO).
  • Paris on the number of “drakes” captured (LOL).
  • Finally, to bet on the eSport, it is obviously necessary to register on an online betting site where it is possible to bet money on this discipline. We discuss this in more detail in the next paragraph.

Sites to bet on eSports

We must therefore turn to foreign sites that have perfectly integrated this new discipline. However, it is illegal to register and some will even refuse you. We will not reveal here the methods and techniques to achieve this and to use their services. We have selected the 3 sites that seem the most competitive:

It covers a large number of eSports tournaments and meetings. The operator also offers very good odds, often higher than those of their competitors. It is an internationally recognized bookmaker with many players.

It is not very easy to access esports bets but once found, it’s worth it. Indeed, the odds are good and the operator covers a lot of games and international competitions. To know that the most bet bet is FIFA. You even have the possibility to follow the matches live.

It is a sports betting site very famous on the international scene. He has opened an eSports section which is a delight for all his players as it is possible to bet on the biggest competitions and the best competitive video games. You can even bet live and find tips to place your esports bets.

To access all sporting prognosis, it will be quick and easy. All you need to do is refine your search using a filter system and select the “eSport” discipline (see example below).


ESports is a discipline that is gaining momentum. There are more and more players and more and more events relayed by the media around the world. Regarding online betting, the electronic sport begins slowly but surely to make a place. In European countries, it is still a little early to bet on eSport because no site approved by the ARJEL does not offer this kind of discipline. On the other hand, it is quite possible for a gambler to register on a foreign site and to bet money on eSport events. Know that this practice is illegal.