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Why esport bets are so popular?

Electronic sports, commonly known as e-sports, are booming and sports betting operators are looking to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their business by surfing this wave. Some analysts believe that this sector could by 2020, generate more than 20 billion dollars of international releases. Major bookmakers such as Bet365 and Paddy Power have been offering bets on the Call of Duty and League of Legends World Championships for some time now. The volume of bets recorded during these events has steadily increased and has also earned the publication of an eloquent article from the CNBC.

Even if the sector is still today in UK at the embryonic stage, its volume of bets would exceed already in many bookmakers, that of sports such as golf and rugby. The general trend, for its part, is clearly on the rise and goes as close as that of the popularity of esport competitions themselves. This global trend, however, hides large disparities across continents. E-sport has grown much more in recent years in Asia and North America than in Europe. The cause of this delay, in UK in particular, is due to the fact that until then e-sport was included by default in the category of gambling.

This state of affairs is now evolving. The Bill for a Digital Republic includes a component that has been hard negotiated, which aims among other things to define a player’s status, to promote the dissemination of competitions and to convince, even indirectly investors to take an interest in the hexagon to make it a European pioneer. However, dailies that  did not wait for this legislative reform to embrace the phenomenon. The newspaper has already been devoting a lot of time to this sector of activity for quite some time. This is how he covered the first edition of the E-Football League, as well as the first French championship of FIFA 16 which was also a great success.

A wide-ranging awareness-raising policy

Events aimed at raising the awareness of a wider public about the world of electronic sport are constantly organized and sponsored by major industrial groups producing video games or video game consoles and large international sports betting sites. Thus, at the initiative of England and the International E-Games Committee (IEGC), the Olympic Games Rio 2016 will be entitled to their equivalent on the field of e-sport. The event will be programmed over two days and will aim to raise awareness of the wider world of electronic sport. These games will subsequently be maintained on the sidelines of future Olympic winter and summer Olympic games, even if the disciplines as well as the competition formats are still to be determined.

It is in this context that also enters the world championship of the video game League of Legends which was won on December 23, 2015 by a team of 7 South Koreans who received the first prize of one million dollars. They also enriched the most clairvoyants who had bet on their victory because many sites on the internet offered bets on the competition.

The esports tournaments in which the pro players of multiplayer video games such as FIFA, Starcraft or Counter-Strike compete are real monsters of audience on the internet. The League of Legends World Championship Final of the 2014 edition brought together 27 million unique visitors. Such a figure justifies the attraction of bookmakers for this sector of activity. This kind of affluence explains the fact that big sites that were previously only involved in international sports betting like Pinnacle, Bet365 and even Betway started to offer odds on esport matches. The marketing director of the Pinnacle bookmaker says that e-sports is one of their fast-growing markets. He ranks in front of volleyball, handball and golf. This bookmaker has registered since 2010 more than 2 million bets, including more than one million since 2015.

The matches are broadcast live and streaming on the internet. They are not only another way of entertaining, but also the opportunity to learn by observing the meetings of the best. Thus, by following the competitions, he develops and settles the feeling of being a connoisseur capable of predicting the outcome of a match. All bettors put forward their extensive knowledge of the game. Everyone thinks they are smarter than the others and think they have every chance of winning. The main reasons for the rise of e-sport remain the gains, the risk and the excitement during the match. Indeed, many e-sports bettors say they feel ambivalent feelings that are both the worry of losing their bet and the fantasy of getting rich.